The website of Miklós Vincze, PhD

Hello and welcome!

That's me.

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication",
said Leonardo Da Vinci (or Steve Jobs? Thomas Mann? Goethe?).
So this page is pretty sophisticated, I guess.


I am a physicist from Budapest, Hungary.
Currently, I'm a senior research fellow of the MTA-ELTE Theoretical Physics Research Group,
actually working in the von Karman Laboratory for Environmental Flows.

My topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

CV and publications

You may find my (scientific) CV here and take a look at my list of publications on my Google Scholar page.
This textbook chapter, written together with my former supervisor Imre M. Jánosi, gives a general overview of our research approach and summarizes some of our results (for personal use only).


Feel free to contact me in email:

Or via our research group:
Mailing address: Pázmány P. stny. 1/A, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary
phone: +3613722524
fax: +3613722509



Besides being a physicist I am also a singer and percussionist,
playing in various world music (and jazz) ensembles.

More about this (+ selected discography) can be found in the 'musician version' of my CV here.


I also happen to be a hobby painter. Feel free to view some of my more recent paintings in a scroll-down gallery here.